20 October 2020 Pochinki Blog

Here is a complete guide to help you build your course on Pochinki and sell the course

Dear Instructor 

Welcome to “Pochinki - Your digital Institute”. Now create your digital content library and sell to millions of new students across the country and increase your revenue and your digital reach and presence. 

Creating your own course and uploading it on Pochinki is very easy and simple. 

Benefits of Pochinki  for Tutor/Institute 

  1. Highly secured platform, no content piracy.

  2. Increase your digital reach and sell to million students across India. 

  3. Track your payments and receive money in your bank account

  4. Attach the documents like PDF or PPT along with course videos

  5. Unlimited storage*

To be able to upload the courses and start selling them, first you need to create an instructor account. Here is an article to help you become a instructor 

Once we approve your request to become an instructor, you can start uploading the courses. Here is a step by step guide to upload the courses 

Step 1:-  Click on the “Upload” button on top right.

Step 2:- Select a course type, “Single video or Entire course with multiple videos”.

      Course Title:- Write the course title of the video 

      Chose the course description  

Step 3:- Write the tags related to the video. 

Pick a category of the video and select the subject. 

Step 4:- Choose the cover of video, thumbnail. 

 Upload a demo video, demo video is necessary. Without demo video your course will be rejected. 

In documents you can upload any pdf or ppt related to course. 

Step 5:- 

Step 6:- Choose the video file. Number the video as per the order of the video. Write the video description, video description is different from course description. Write the title of the video. Video title is different  from the course title. Click on the “Save changes”. After this you can scroll down and see the video in “Parts” and upload another part of the video by selecting video in “New Part”. 

After adding all the videos you can click on the “Publish” button. After publish, we will approve the course and it will be live on the platform. 

We work towards enhancing your experience. Kindly write to us if you have any suggestions or queries. You can write to us via support in your user panel. 

We are happy to serve you better each day.


Sonu Yadav

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