05 November 2020 Pochinki Blog

Follow the following steps to become instructor on Pochinki

Dear Instructor 


Welcome to “Pochinki - Your digital Institute”. Now create your digital content library and sell to millions of new students across the country and increase your revenue and your digital reach and presence. 


Take live classes.

Conduct quizzes 


All access to teachers is free. 


Benefits of Pochinki  for Tutor/Institute 


  1. The highly secured platform, no content piracy.

  2. Increase your digital reach and sell to million students across India. 

  3. Track your payments and receive money in your bank account

  4. Attach the documents like PDF or PPT along with course videos

  5. Unlimited storage*


To be able to upload the courses and start selling them, first you need to create an instructor account. Following are the steps for becoming instructor on Pochinki 


  1. Register on Pochinki from Sign up page 

  2. Once your account is created, go to user panel 

  3. Click on “Become Vendor” option 



  1. After clicking, send a message for becoming an instructor

Once we receive your request for becoming an instructor, we will approve it in sometime and you can start teaching by uploading your courses. Here is a link for uploading your course on pochinki


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