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29 January 2021
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Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners

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Course Structure


Introductory Segment

 Why investing?

 Investment options in India

 Stock Market and types

 What is a stock?

 How to get started? ( Brokers, Demat & Trading)

Segment 1)

a) Stock Analysis and types

b) Stock Fundamental analysis

c) Balance Sheet Analysis

d) Profit and loss statement Analysis

e) Cash flow statement Analysis

Segment 2)

a) Terms and jargons(Ex- Market Cap, Book Value, Corporate actions, Block Deal/Bulk deals, Stock prices, symbols, etc)

Segment 3)

a) Ratio Analysis (Ex- ROE, ROCE, ROA, DPR, ERR, etc)

Segment 4)

a) Trading vs. Investing – Types and settlement process

b) Margin Trades

Segment 5)

a) Factors affect the stock market (Ex- Geopolitical, Macroeconomic, Macroeconomic etc)


a) Introduction to Technical Analysis

b) Support and Resistance

c) Candlestick Chart and types

d) Moving Averages

e) Technical Analysis methods for Intraday/short term& long term.


Online Test Note: Every single activity will be performed online and aspirants need to have a PC/laptop with a proper internet connection in order to perform all these sessions practically during the lectures.


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