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14 April 2021
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How to Analyse Banking/NBFC Stocks | Explained | Marketnotes | Akshay Seth

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Unlike other sectors, Banking sector stocks have a different way to analyze it and why not? Most of the sectors have inventories to sell. For ex- Tyre industries sell numerous kinds of tyres to generate revenue, automobiles companies sell cars, trucks, bikes etc. but for the banking sector, they have nothing to sell as a tangible product.

10 Useful tools to Analyze Banking Stocks
1. Net Interest Income
2. Total Advances (Bank Loan)
3. Total Deposits
4. CASA Ratio
5. Net Interest Margin
6. Cost to Income Ratio
7. Credit to Deposits Ratio or Loan-to-Deposit Ratio
8. Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR)
9. Gross NPAs and Net NPAs
10. Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

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